New from Chasm Graphics:

Sudden Depth 2.1

Stereoscopy made easy, Now supports OpenGL stereo!

Sudden Depth 2.1 is the new and improved software package for working with, fine-tuning, viewing, and showing stereoscopic images, using Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000 operating systems. Stereoscopy has never been simpler!

Sudden Depth 2.1 is great for working productively with stereoscopic images and sequences of stereoscopic animation frames. Sudden Depth 2.1 offers seamless support for a myriad of stereoscopic formats, and makes working with stereoscopic documents quick and easy.

If you're using one of the stereoscopic LCD glasses systems, or a mirror-based stereoscope, then Sudden Depth 2.1 may be just what you need. Download the demo version to check it out.

If you don't have any special stereoscopic viewing hardware, but are interested in stereoscopy, you can still use the demo version of Sudden Depth 2.1 to learn about stereoscopy (using cross-eyed free-viewing of stereoscopic images).

You'll want to look at the stereoscopic image gallery, with a dozen stereo images that were formatted using Sudden Depth (you can view them with or without loading the demo software).

For more information about Sudden Depth 2.1, or the Sudden Depth Stereo Viewer & Demo, please drop me an e-mail at .

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"Chasm Graphics" and "Sudden Depth" are registered trademarks of Chasm Graphics. Other tradenames are trademarks of their respective owners. Sudden Depth 2.1 and the Sudden Depth Stereo Viewer & Demo are copyrighted software programs. Even though the Sudden Depth Stereo Viewer & Demo is currently available here for free download, it is not "shareware", and may not be distributed except by written permission from Chasm Graphics. Sudden Depth and the Sudden Depth Stereo Viewer & Demo are designed to be used with compatible stereoscopic hardware systems. (webpage #pa1)